ART = life.... this is my mantra.  It all started in the 5th grade when I won a drawing contest and it was posted in the San Francisco Examiner.  In my teens I wanted to be a fashion designer so I took courses to that end.  In my early twenties I studied Illustration and Fine Arts at the Academy of Art in San Francisco with the intention of becoming a Commercial Artist, but then as often happens, life got in the way. 
I moved to Vancouver in the early 80's and had an 18 year career in the Fashion Industry and started doing Interior Design on the side for clients and friends.  All this creativity fed my soul for years but when at 50 I took a course in Florence Italy thru Emily Carr studing the "The Masters" well, this was a turning point and my love for painting blossomed thru years of study here in Vancouver at the Academy of Art, which sadly no longer exists.
My work has evolved over the years and I have been lucky enough to sell to private collectors and thru some exhibits &  Eastside Culture Crawl.  Most of my Interior Design jobs have involved a commissioned painting.  It's heartwarming for me to see my work displayed in someones home and know that to them in some way it is meaningful.
I've come to realize that the process of art making is also a process of self discovery.  It requires letting go and trusting yourself or just not being attached to the outcome and not trying to control the process, instead allow the creative energy to flow.  The book,  Art & Fear is a great resource.
Making art gives substance to my sense of self.  It's my food for thought and expression. I love experimenting with a variety of techniques and materials.  The exploration is the best part of the journey.  I always have many projects on the go. In 2016 I was passionate about transforming my photography into interesting images that evoke in me a sense of the spiritual and mysterious unseen realms. In 2017 I dove right into a vat of Resin and got very sticky creating lots of jewels...and speaking of Jewels, that Resin work has let me down the path to Resin Jewelry and also homemade Crystals.  Who know's what 2018 will bring!
 I could never imagine my life without being in the creative process.
Life and Art are inseparable ~